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Globe’s biggest freshwater fish discovered in Mekong

A 300kg (661lb) stingray captured in the Mekong river in Cambodia is the most significant freshwater fish ever before recorded, researchers state.

It unseated the previous record-holder, a 646lb (293kg) Mekong gigantic catfish captured in Thailand in 2005.

There is no main record-keeping or data source of the globe’s most significant freshwater fish.

The Mekong is abundant in biodiversity yet overfishing, dams and also air pollution intimidate its breakable community.

It streams from the Tibetan Plateau via China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and also Vietnam.

” In twenty years of looking into gigantic fish in rivers and also lakes on 6 continents, this is the biggest freshwater fish that we have actually experienced or that’s been recorded anywhere worldwide,” claimed Zeb Hogan, a biologist that leads Marvels of the Mekong, a USAID-funded preservation job.

” Searching for and also recording this fish is exceptional, and also an unusual favorable indicator of hope, much more so due to the fact that it happened in the Mekong, a river that’s presently dealing with lots of difficulties,” included Dr Hogan, that is additionally a teacher at the College of Nevada, Reno.

The preservation job collaborates with the Cambodian Fisheries Management to establish a network of anglers that signal the scientists if they capture gigantic or threatened fish.

On the evening of 13 June, a regional angler on Koh Preah island contacted us to inform scientists that he had actually captured a “huge” stingray– it ended up being 3.98 m long and also 2.2 m large.

After being fitted with an acoustic tag to track its future activity, the stingray was launched back right into the river.

It vanished right into the sloppy waters of the Mekong around sunset when the moon was currently up overhead, Dr Hogan claimed.

In the neighborhood Khmer language, the fish is called “Boramy”, which suggests moon.

” The stingray discover is proof that the environment can still generate brand-new and also phenomenal explorations, which most of the biggest marine animals stay woefully understudied,” Dr Hogan claimed.

The gigantic freshwater stingray is a threatened varieties. This is the 2nd gigantic stingray checked out by the group considering that Might– the earlier one evaluated 181kg.

” When document fish are discovered, it suggests the marine atmosphere is still reasonably healthy and balanced. This remains in comparison to what we have actually seen in position like the Yantgze River, where researchers reported the termination of the Chinese paddlefish,” Dr Hogan claimed.

” The Mekong’s deep swimming pools maintain life much past these remarkable titans. Generating in this essential environment generates billions of fish each year which guarantee the food safety and security and also resources for countless individuals in Cambodia and also Vietnam.”

Resource: BBC

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