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VCs to select shutting colleges

The College Grants Compensation (UGC) has actually mentioned that all Vice Chancellors have actually been offered the right to determine whether colleges will certainly stay open, despite today situation.

The gas as well as gas situation has actually had a big influence on the college system currently as well as it has actually ended up being an obstacle to maintain colleges open, ‘Lankadeepa’ records, estimating a greater authorities of the UGC.

The Other Day (18 ), the College of Peradeniya introduced that the university would certainly be enclosed this background.

Closure, not the remedy – FUTA

Nevertheless, the Federation of College Educators’ Organizations (FUTA) had actually stated in an interview the other day (18) that the closure of colleges is not the solution to the situation, as well as will just additionally interrupt education and learning.

FUTA Chairman – Prof. Shyama Banneheka had actually mentioned that the education and learning of kids in the nation has actually been drastically interfered with because of the current pandemic, as well as the moment which was complied with by the pandemic.

Keeping in mind that closure of colleges or colleges is not the solution to the nation’s concerns, Prof. Banneheka has actually advised the Federal government not to permit the education and learning of kids in this nation to be more interfered with because of the financial as well as the political situation.

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