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Saheli looks for mercy from the country for her tune “Ayubo Wewa”

Saheli looks for mercy from the country for her tune “Ayubo Wewa” Vocalist Saheli Gamagehas looked for mercy from individuals of this nation for having actually sung the tune” Ayobo Wewa” and also if it has in some means, added to the present dilemma the nation remains in.

She has claimed that this tune was sung by her to match a specific time, however she is sorry for having actually sung it.

Lyricist Sunil looks for mercy also

At the same time, lyricist Sunil Gamage has actually likewise looked for mercy from the country for having actually penciled the tune “Ayubowewa Maharajanani”. Resolving the demonstration celebration at Galle Face Eco-friendly, he claimed he wishes the general public would certainly forgive him for having actually created that tune.

The article by Saheli on social media sites is as adheres to;

I feel this is the appropriate minute to specify some truths that you were all uninformed of concerning the tune “Ayubo wewa”. I added my voice to this tune with the worthy objective of highlighting individuals’ heart beat after finishing the 30-year battle that impacted them. My moms and dads and also I added to this tune at our very own cost, with no political disturbance, with the purest of objectives.

As an outcome of this tune, the objection and also disrespects I needed to sustain is endless. Also today it coincides. Although I like my nation tremendously, I have actually not had the ability to accomplish my obligations as a vocalist and also a physician to my nation and also need to live overseas, as a result of this tune. This brings be fantastic discomfort already.

Although I have actually done various other tracks such as “Sathya Obai” (You are the fact) in acknowledgment of the worthy soldiers, paradoxically, “Ayubo Wewa” beat my various other tracks and also got appeal in an unanticipated way branding me as a political stooge.

Nonetheless, all cash gained via these tracks via Mobitel and also Dialog ‘ RingIN Tone’ were contributed to the handicapped battle heroes and also for the Abhimansala battle heroes task and also the well-being of cancer cells people, which is my only alleviation.

If the tune that I sanghas added by any means in the direction of the present dilemma the nation is dealing with today, I humbly look for mercy from every person for it. This is simply asong, however I have tremendous remorse for having actually sung it. Although I live overseas, I am with you all and also your take on battle, completely.

I will certainly sign up with any kind of battle for my nation at any kind of offered time. May my motherlandshine! Best of luck to you all! I want you all a thriving New Year and also might all your hopes and also desires become a reality!- Saheli Gamage

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