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Hues of humankind at GotaGoGama (Pics)

Colours of humanity at GotaGoGama (Pics)

The mass public being held near the Governmental secretariat in Colombo is proceeding for the fourth day today (12 ).

Civillians from all profession, regardless old, ethnic backgrounds or faith are signing up with the website to include their voice and also power to the uprising that is contacting Head of state Gotabaya Rajapaksa and also the Rajapaksa clan to surrender.

Groups are thronging to website all the time, also neglecting hefty electrical storms

The complying with are a number of pictures where residents from all masses stand unified as one, in one the greatest public events observed in the current background of Sri Lanka.

( Photos: Shanika Jayasekara

Galleface 1

Galleface 6

Galleface 7

Galleface 10

Galleface 18

Galleface 17

Galleface 20

Galleface 21

Galleface 5Galleface 9

Galleface 12

Galleface 3

Galleface 15

Galleface 19

Galleface 2

Galleface 13

Galleface 11

Galleface 16

Galleface 22




Galleface 14

Galleface 4

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