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As we speak marks the Il Poya day!

As we speak (18) marks the Il Full Moon Poya day, which is a big day within the Buddhist calendar for a lot of causes.

It was throughout an Il Poya Day that Maithri Bodhisatva acquired Niyatha Vivarana from Gauthama Buddha. After receiving a gown from the Bodhisatva, the Buddha introduced he’ll turn out to be the enlightened one through the eon of the ‘Badra Kalpa’.

In keeping with Buddhist historical past, can be on an Il Poya that the primary Buddhist Missionary exercise by the Sixty Arahath commenced, the three Jatila brothers entered the Buddhist order, Pageant of “Devaharohana” or Ascend to heaven by Gautama Buddha and the day that chief disciple – Sariputta Maha Rahathan Thera handed away.

Sri Lankan Buddhists additionally commemorate Il Poya because the “Cheevara Masaya.” The providing of “Katina Cheevaraya” is taken into account as a extremely meritorious act, which occur in many of the Temples through the month of Il. The Katina Cheevara is dropped at their respective temples in processions and supplied to the resident Upasampada monks, who noticed Vas. (Wet Retreat) for almost three months.

Moreover, the enshrining of the best collar-bone of the Gautama Buddha’s within the Thuparama Chaitya, which was constructed by ‘King Devanampiyatissa’, additionally occurred on an Il Poya day.

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