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Prize seekers snatched with devices in Mannar

4 suspects participated in prohibited prize searching tasks in the basic location of Oluthuduwai in Mannar have actually been detained with their devices.

Sri Lanka Military claimed that at first 7 Vijayabahu Infantry Routine soldiers of the 54 Department, released at Mannar bridge obstacle, nabbed 2 suspects and also later on 2 even more suspects from the very same team were nabbed while they were attempting to take off in a cars and truck.

The secret information provided to knowledge soldiers and also the Safety Team of the 54 Department allowed the apprehension of those suspects with one generator, 4 Containers, 2 tube pipelines, one Foot Shutoff, one water pump and also different other devices consisting of shovels and also a mammoty.

The detained suspects with their devices were handed to Mannar Authorities for more examinations, the military claimed.

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