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Bonus Rs. 5 Mn for every MP!

The decentralized allocate MPs regardless of their event distinctions have actually been raised with each Participant of Parliament to obtain an extra Rs.5 million.

As Necessary, Rs. 3,375 million has actually been assigned for the advancement of their constituencies.

On top of that, Rs.3 million to be assigned to every Grama Niladari Department under the ‘Gama Samaga Pilisandarak’ program. As necessary, Rs. 42,063 million will certainly be assigned for this function.

The Money priest additionally claimed:

• Rs.20,000 million assigned to the Ministry of Freeways.

• Rs.2,000 million assigned for Urban Real estate Growth.

• Rs. 3 million to be assigned to every Gama Niladhari (GN) Department.

• Rs. 400 million assigned to profit institution van and also bus vehicle drivers that shed work throughout lockdown durations

• Rs. 700 million was assigned to profit three-wheel vehicle drivers that were impacted by the pandemic.

• Rs. 1,500 million was assigned to offer alleviation to exclusive bus proprietors.

• Extra Rs.5,000 million assigned to health and wellness and also native medication.

• Rs. 2,000 million assigned for little irrigation jobs.

• Rs. 500 million assigned for public protection.

• Rs. 200 million assigned for hygienic centers of jail prisoners.

• Rs. 1,000 million for elderly people.

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