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Vap full moon poya right this moment

Right now (20) marks the Vap Full Moon Poya day, which is a major day within the Buddhist calendar.

Vap Poya marks the providing of the ‘Katina Cheevara’ or new robes to Buddhist monks, who noticed ‘Vas’ – Wet Retreat, starting from Esala to Vap.

Vap Poya was vital even throughout the life and instances of Lord Buddha. It was on such a day that the Buddha ended a ‘Vas’ retreat for the seventh time since attaining Enlightenment. He had spent this time within the celestial abode of Tavatissa, the place He had preached the Abhidhama to the deities headed by Matrudeva. He ended the retreat by descending close to the gates of Sankassapura the place he preached the Dhamma to devotees flocked there.

Moreover, Vap Poya paved the way in which for the arrival of Sanghamitta Theri. The appearance of Buddhism occurred with the appearance of ‘Dhammarajassa Savaka’ Arahat Mahinda Thera. King Devanampiyatissa’s sister-in-law Anula, was very eager to enter the Order of Bhikkunis. Subsequently, the King made a request to Emperor Asoka to ship Sanghamitta Theri.

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