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Hudson takes 8 mobiles purchased for SLBC staff members

8 cellphones acquired for staff members of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Firm (SLBC) have actually been taken right into the safekeeping of its chairman – Hudson Samarasinghe.

The phones had actually been acquired by the SLBC DG – Chandrapala Liyanage as a positive step, after being afraid a feasible cellphone scarcity in the regional market as a result of the recurring import constraints.

As necessary, one phone was intended to be for his usage while 03 as well as 04 phones were alloted for the Advertising and marketing Area as well as the freshly developed Education and learning Area specifically.

The DG had actually acquired these phones regardless of greater authorities at the SLBC taking pleasure in an added phone allocation which was included in their wage throughout the age of the ‘Excellent Administration’ federal government.


Vision FM as well, a failing?


On August 16, the SLBC made a decision to transform 102.3 FM regularity had by the institute’s highest-grossing ‘Commercial Solution’, right into a full-time network for education and learning.

Nevertheless, as a result of its rash begin, files have actually not been authorized effectively with the Ministry of Education and learning, resulting in its failure, records claim.

Inappropriate computation of recurring upkeep expenses as well, have actually brought about the network in the direction of a loss making mark.

Nevertheless, as a result of the problem, it is stated that actions have actually been required to put on hold parliament procedures that were transmitted on the network thus far.


Wage hold-ups


After responding to our previous subject that the SLBC will just obtain their standard wage for the month of September, the Financing Department has actually made a decision to modify this choice, ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ finds out.

Nevertheless, as the formerly allocated funds were not adequate to cover the full wages, the wage settlement, which was usually due on 25th, has actually been held off to today (27 ).

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SLBC staff members to obtain just standard wage

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